Why Should I Have a Professional Home Inspection?

When you’re purchasing a home, there is a plethora of things to consider. From negotiating the price, to understanding the resale value, to making sure the area has all the amenities you’re looking for, the tasks can become overwhelming.

One of the most overlooked portions is probably the most important. Is the house safe and suitable for living? A multitude of safety hazards and poor installation practices can cause a home to become a nightmare for its new residents, which is why having a home inspection performed is so vital.

People often turn to their mechanics when purchasing a new or used car, so why wouldn’t you turn to a home mechanic when shelling out hundreds of thousands more?

See the Unseeable

Most everyday home owners can spot something obvious, like a random wire hanging from the ceiling. However, they aren’t trained to see what most would miss, or mistake as being routine.

A professional home inspection can turn up items that otherwise would have went unseen, such as the wrong gauge wire being used in the breaker box inlet, or an incorrectly hung wall cabinet that could become a fall hazard.

Get to Know Your Home

A trained home inspectors’ job isn’t just to spread doom and gloom, they’re also your advocate. While we’re sure your Realtor has done a great job showing you the features, and educating you on the school district, they aren’t able to teach you about the structure or utilities.

Your home inspector will be able to shine a light on key information like water shut off valves, main power shut downs, how to service your heat pump and where your gutters may drain to. While it seems trivial, you’ll be thanking them in the event of a house emergency.

Protect Your Investment

It’s no secret the fortune you’ll be spending on your new home, and while the real estate business is one of ethics, a Realtor can’t disclose what their sellers don’t tell them.

Even though most people out there are decent folks who tell the truth, shadier individuals still exist.  A TruScope professional home inspection can unearth hidden flaws such as a crumbling foundation, or a roof on the verge of collapse.

Having this information in hand allows you to negotiate, and if it comes to it, walk away from the deal knowing you’re safer for it.

Sleep Peacefully on Your First Night

Nothing beats the excitement of the first night in a new home. But there is still a level of anxiety as you wonder if you’ve made the right decision.

The report you gain from a pro inspector can allow you to sleep a little easier those first few nights, knowing that your home, and your family is safe.

Every large purchase we make deserves due diligence. Research, investigation and planning come together to ensure us we did the right thing.

That note doesn’t ring any truer than when buying a home, and a professional home inspection is the key to hitting that note just right.

If you’re currently in the process of buying a home, contact Inspection Works today for a full breakdown of our services, and when you’re ready, schedule an inspection with us today!

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