Need a Home Inspection in Leduc?

Leduc, Alberta

Recently ranked as Canada’s sixth friendliest city, Leduc has a storied past including being home to Alberta’s legendary oil strike in Leduc Well #1. The town has continued to build off of that past, with the oil and gas industries being one of its major employers and contributors.

Sitting at the intersection of two Canadian Pacific Railway lines, Leduc is a major partner in Economic Development Association, in collaboration with Edmonton International Airport. This partnership serves the ever-increasing population, last counted in 2017 to be approximately 31,000.

To keep that population entertained, Leduc features all the same outdoor activities as most of Alberta such as hunting, fishing and camping, as well as indoor activities. The Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts is a prominent performing arts facility with a 460-seat theatre.

The Leduc Recreation Centre, which was opened in 2005, features three NHL-sized arenas, an aquatic Centre, and a curling rink. Allowing residents to enjoy the ice sports so many Albertans love and cherish.

City officials provide all the necessary public services such as fire, police and ambulance as well as public utilities to certain areas of the municipality.

While real estate can be hard to come by in Leduc, that’s surely a sign of its stability and the willingness of the residents to put down their roots.

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