Sherwood Park

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Sherwood Park, Alberta

Established in 1955 on the farmland of the Smeltzer family, Sherwood Park has grown to become Alberta’s seventh largest population center. Formally recognized as a Hamlet, the town is eligible for city status with its 71,000 residents but chooses to retain its former designation.

A booming economy with over $9 Billion worth of completed or announced projects has spurred the growth of Sherwood Park, along with its major industrial complexes including Refinery Row, which is home to Esso’s Strathcona Refinery, one of the largest employers in the region.

The Town’s website boasts a track record of those born in “The Park”, staying and raising families of their own. This is often attributed to the array of top-level public services such as schools, fire and ambulance services, and a well trained police force, along with the host of family activities that are always available.

These activities include indoor and outdoor parks, disc golf, skating rinks, canoeing, camping, hunting, fishing, fitness centers and wildlife exploration. They also spend a healthy amount of time cheering for the Sherwood Park Crusaders, the local Junior Hockey League team that has molded quite a few NHL notables.

Unemployment rates are below national averages, and crime has remained below those national averages over recent history as well.

Sherwood Park has plans for expanding their current neighborhood structure with a list of planned projects and new housing coming soon, opening up what hopes to be affordable housing for the area’s families whose median incomes are below that of the Canadian average.

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