Parkland County

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Parkland County, Alberta

Located west of Edmonton, Parkland County is home to a variety of landscapes that feature everything from rolling countryside to bustling downtowns. With a total population exceeding 32,000 and abundant resources, Parkland County is a great place to live, work and play.

A wide array of outdoor activities are at the forefront of the county’s to do list. Offering ample spaces for hunting, fishing and boating, sportsmen flock to the region to take advantage of all that mother nature has to offer.

Golfing and farmers markets round out the list of things to do in the sun, while a blossoming arts and culture movement along with a plethora of shopping opportunities fill the gap while Parkland County trudges through the longer winters.

A wide host of real estate is available, ranging from small cape cods to sprawling estate homes, with prices ranging from the low 100’s to over one million dollars.

Parkland operates its own emergency services, including a combination fire department and a staffed police department as well as offering public utilities in certain areas.

Key employment industries span across agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas supply, rural development, tourism, transportation and government contractors. Unemployment is low and the median household income routinely stays above the Canadian national average.

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