Conducting a Condo or HOA Site Inspection

Regular property inspections are an important part of managing condominium or homeowners association (HOA) risks. Thorough inspections increase the safety and well-being of homeowners, protect property values, and reduce the risk of costly repairs and lawsuits.

Conducting inspections regularly keeps an HOA on top of security risks, as well as maintenance and building problems. A thorough inspection should do the following:

  • Increase safety, health and welfare

    of all association members and guests

    Regular inspections ensure your community is a safe place to live. One significant area of liability for condominium or homeowner associations is slip-and-fall accidents, which indicate the need for frequent inspections of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and roadways throughout the property. For example, if your sidewalks are becoming icy in the winter months, Inspection Works can determine why and make recommendations for what to do about it.

  • Identify problem areas

    before they get worse

    If deterioration of common amenities is detected early, it could save the association money if repairs are made before the damage becomes even more costly. Let Inspection Works be your eyes and ears and make sure there are no latent problems which will only get worse.

  • Show your insurance carrier

    that you are being proactive

    Regular inspections show an association’s insurance carrier that it is proactive in addressing exposures and reducing loss. Inspections are a major component of a condo association or HOA’s risk management plan. For more information on inspection basics for your association, contact Inspection Works today.

Let Inspection Works be responsible for carrying out site inspections according to a schedule determined by the bylaws or the association board. Not only will we conduct formal inspections, but we can serve as the association’s eyes and ears, finding hazards and making recommendations.

Inspections should always be fair to the members. Hire Inspection Works to perform unbiased inspections while helping you ensure members follow the rules for the shared amenities.