Inspection Works now offers InterNACHI’s We’ll Buy Back Your Home Guarantee

Inspection Works Enhances Home-Buying Confidence with InterNACHI’s Buy-Back Guarantee

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant milestones in a person’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with excitement, dreams, and aspirations. However, this considerable investment often comes with its share of stress and uncertainty. Questions about the integrity of the property and the potential for unexpected issues can weigh heavily on a buyer’s mind. Recognizing concerns, Inspection Works introduces InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home” Guarantee, providing unparalleled reassurance to buyers. This innovative program ensures a sound investment.

This innovative program is designed to provide buyers with peace of mind and ensure that they are making a sound investment. InterNACHI commits to buying back the home under straightforward, no-nonsense terms if any oversights occur during the inspection process. This guarantee underscores Inspection Works’ commitment to thorough, high-quality inspections and sets a new standard in the home inspection industry.

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Inspection Works brings peace of mind to new homeowners with InterNACHI’s Buy-Back Guarantee.

The Guarantee: Simple, Straightforward, and Secure

The “We’ll Buy Your Home” Guarantee is a testament to the confidence Inspection Works has in its thorough inspection process. This innovative program is designed to alleviate homebuyers’ concerns by offering a robust safety net, ensuring their investment is protected. Here’s what makes this guarantee a game-changer in the home-buying experience:

90-Day Post-Closing Honor

The guarantee stands firm for 90 days following the closing of the home sale. this provides ample time for new homeowners to settle in and ensure everything meets their expectations. This 90-day period is crucial as it allows homeowners to fully experience their new home, identify potential issues that might not have been immediately apparent, and feel secure knowing they are covered if something significant was missed during the inspection.


This guarantee applies to every home inspection Inspection Works conducts for home buyers, reflecting our commitment to excellence and accountability. Inspection Works includes all full home inspections, ensuring every client receives protection. Regardless of home size or price, clients get the same level of reassurance.

Full Purchase Price Compensation

Should InterNACHI need to step in, they will pay the exact price the client paid for the home, ensuring financial fairness. This aspect of the guarantee is particularly significant; it means that homeowners will not suffer a financial loss due to undetected issues. The full purchase price compensation underscores the seriousness with which Inspection Works and InterNACHI take their responsibility.

Real Estate Agent Listing Requirement

To qualify for the guarantee, the home must be listed with a licensed real estate agent, promoting professional standards and integrity. This requirement ensures that the transaction adheres to industry standards and that all parties involved are held to high ethical and professional guidelines. Inspection Works helps maintain a trustworthy and reliable home-buying process by involving licensed real estate agents.

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Our thorough inspection process ensures confidence and security for home buyers.

Exclusions to Note

While the Buy-Back Guarantee offered by Inspection Works is comprehensive and provides significant reassurance to home buyers, it’s essential to understand its boundaries. The guarantee is designed to protect against unforeseen issues arising from oversights during the inspection. However, to ensure clarity and manage expectations, here are the specific exclusions:

Material Defects Not Present at the Time of Inspection

The Buy-Back Guarantee does not cover material defects not present during the inspection. It does not include any issues or damage after the inspection, such as wear and tear, natural aging, or new damages resulting from homeowner activities. The guarantee is focused on providing protection against existing issues that might have been missed during the initial inspection.

Items Outside the Scope of InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice

The guarantee also excludes items outside the scope of InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice. InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice define the limits and responsibilities of a home inspection. These standards outline what is included in a typical home inspection, such as the examination of structural components, roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems. However, there are specific areas that are not covered, such as:

  • Environmental hazards (e.g., asbestos, lead paint, mould)
  • Pest infestations
  • Cosmetic issues (e.g., paint, wallpaper)
  • Outbuildings and unattached structures
  • Systems and components not permanently installed (e.g., portable appliances)

Understanding these exclusions helps to set realistic expectations for what the Buy-Back Guarantee covers. The focus remains on protecting against significant structural or system-related issues that were present during the inspection but were not identified.

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Understanding the scope: Understand what’s covered and not in our guarantee.

Worry-Free Home Buying with Inspection Works

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments a person can make, and it’s natural to want every assurance that this investment is sound. Inspection Works understands the anxieties of buying a home and strives to eliminate them through meticulous inspection services and exceptional customer support. This is one way Inspection Works ensures a worry-free home-buying experience.

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Relax and enjoy your new home, knowing you’re protected by our guarantee.

A Win for Alberta’s Real Estate Agents

The introduction of InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home” Guarantee through Inspection Works represents a significant advantage for real estate professionals in Alberta. By offering their clients this additional layer of security, agents can enhance trust, advocate more effectively for their clients, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. This guarantee streamlines the sales process and fosters stronger professional relationships, ultimately contributing to a more robust and trustworthy home-buying experience. Real estate agents who leverage this powerful tool are well-positioned to provide exceptional service and build lasting client relationships.

By clearly articulating these benefits, real estate agents in Alberta can better understand how the Buy-Back Guarantee can be a game-changer for their business and clients’ peace of mind.

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Enhancing trust and security in Alberta’s real estate market.

Privacy: A Core Principle

Privacy is a core principle for InterNACHI, reflecting its commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust. By not gathering identifiable consumer data and ensuring that personal details remain confidential and secure, InterNACHI and Inspection Works provide a trustworthy and transparent service. Clients can feel confident that their privacy is protected, allowing them to enjoy the home-buying process without concerns over the security of their personal information.

By emphasizing these privacy commitments, Inspection Works and InterNACHI can assure clients that their personal information is safe, reinforcing the trust and reliability of their home inspection services.

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Your privacy is our priority. InterNACHI guarantees confidentiality.

Please visit InterNACHI’s legal page for more detailed information about the Buy-Back Guarantee.

Inspection Works’ partnership with InterNACHI for the “We’ll Buy Your Home” Guarantee marks a significant advancement in the home inspection industry. This bold move underscores the company’s dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical practices, setting a new standard for home buyers and real estate professionals. By ensuring thorough inspections, providing unmatched customer satisfaction, and maintaining the highest ethical standards, Inspection Works is transforming the home-buying experience. Clients can trust that their investment is protected, making Inspection Works the ideal partner in their journey to homeownership.