The Final Walkthrough

Thanks for your interest in Inspection Works! Every step of our process is designed and refined to help you get the best experience possible, from finding out more about us and scheduling your appointment to the final report and beyond.

The inspection walkthrough is no exception. After we complete the inspection, together we take a walk through the home and explain what we found, and didn’t find!

We begin by introducing to you our friend, the infrared camera, and explain the advantages and limitations of thermal imaging. Throughout the course of the walkthrough we perform a full infrared sweep of the home.

Thermal imaging infrared camera at a home inspection

What's included in a home inspection

Together we then walk through the home from top to bottom. We tell you the condition of the shingles, down through the attic ventilation and insulation, to the windows, doors, interior, and even the kitchen appliances. We explain any control systems we find, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and jetted tubs. Finally, we end in the basement utility room, where we will detail the operation and maintenance of the major appliances.

Through it all, of course, we explain any significant deficiencies and defects we found throughout the course of the inspection.

Home Inspection Report - Desktop

Some people compare the walkthrough information to drinking from a fire-hose. It is often too much to understand and remember all at once. But don’t worry! Everything we talk about, plus more, will be included in your gorgeous media-centric final report. This report is detailed and broad in scope. It is part of your due diligence to read through the report in its entirety and make sure you understand everything in it. If you ever have any questions, we are a phone call, text, or email away. As well as helping you to understand your report, we are here to answer any questions about your home for the entire time you live there.

One great feature of the report is the Repair Request Builder. This allows you to take portions of your report and create a smaller, concise, highly customizable report that you can include in the documents to the seller, in an email to a contractor, or to make a to-do list for yourself.

Do you want a recommendation for a contractor or other professional? We’ve got you covered there too! Throughout our careers we have cultivated trusting relationships with various contractors and other professionals – professionals we feel confident in recommending to our clients. We receive no monetary kickbacks or other benefits from recommending them to our clients, other than your gratitude! Your report includes a link which takes you to a form to fill out if you choose to have us connect you to the right people.