Do You Need Balance?

Recently I read an article stating Canadian workers are not using their paid vacations. While the average worker in Europe enjoys four to six weeks of vacation a year, the Alberta government only mandates 10 days of vacation time, behind even China, Pakistan and Indonesia. According to one survey, 26 percent of Canadians do not take any vacation time at all.

The medical toll of too much work has increased the costs of WCB and company health benefit plans.  But what about the unstated statistics of the damage to our bodies and our families? In today’s world of computers, email, cell phones, text messaging and social media, we can easily work 24/7.  It is often considered a bragging right to be busy and always on the go.

At first the article was rather depressing.  Then I thought about the end of the article where I was encouraged to “make sure you’re making deposits of success in life areas other than work. How successful are you today physically, socially, in ongoing personal development, spiritually and in your family? If you’re bankrupt in those, a big bank account is meaningless.”

Are you finding time to have a life outside of work?  As summer has almost arrived it may be time to do some cleaning on your schedule, take some time off and focus on finding a balanced life.

P.S.  Many of you have found ways to balance your family, work and other activities. I’d love to hear your story.  Please send an e-mail!