Guide to New Home Inspections with Inspection works

Guide to New Home Inspections with Inspection works

Building a new home is exciting. You watch as the foundation is laid, walls rise up, and it slowly turns into a place where you’ll live and make memories. But to make sure this home is built well and safely, it’s important to have new construction inspections.

A new construction inspection checks that your home is being built the right way, from the ground up. It helps catch mistakes early, so they can be fixed before they turn into bigger problems. This will ensure that when your home is finished, it’s safe, sturdy, and exactly what you expected.

InspectionWorks specializes in these inspections. We act as your expert eyes on the construction site, making sure everything meets the highest standards where you can feel truly at ease, knowing that every part of your future home is being built correctly.

What is a new home Inspection?

A new construction inspection is a detailed check of a house while it’s being built. Think of it like checking your homework before you turn it in; it helps find any mistakes so they can be fixed right away. This kind of inspection covers different stages of building a home:

  1. Foundation: This is the first part checked. The foundation is the solid base of your house. Inspectors make sure it’s strong and placed correctly.
  2. Framing: This stage is like looking at the skeleton of your house. Inspectors check the wooden frames to ensure they are properly set up and secure.
  3. Electrical Systems: Before the walls are closed up, inspectors look at the wiring. They make sure that all electrical connections are safe and meet the rules.
  4. Plumbing: Like electrical checks, plumbing is inspected before the walls and floors cover everything up. This ensures no leaks and that everything flows where it should.
  5. Finishing: The last checks happen once the house looks almost finished. Inspectors look at the overall quality and make sure everything that was planned has been done properly.

A Look at the Inspection Checks Involved

When building a house, it’s really important to use the best materials and build it the right way. Here’s how people check to make sure everything in a new house is just right:

Proper Materials

Imagine picking a strong, sturdy backpack for school that needs to last a long time. Just like that, a house needs good materials like strong wood, pipes, and wires. Inspectors check to make sure all these materials are top-quality and in great shape. Sometimes, materials can get a little damaged during shipping or while they wait to be used. Inspectors look carefully to find any problems like cracks or bends, making sure everything that goes into building your home is perfect.

Good Construction Practices

Building a house should follow certain rules, just like following instructions to build a big LEGO set. Inspectors watch to make sure that the builders are doing everything the right way. If builders are not following the rules or are taking shortcuts, inspectors will notice and point it out. This helps make sure the house is safe and built to last.

Complete Systems Pre-Drywall

Before the walls of the house are covered up with drywall, lots of different workers like electricians and plumbers add important parts to your house, such as wires and pipes. Inspectors check these parts to make sure every worker did their job right. This is very important because if something is wrong, it’s much harder and more expensive to fix after the walls are up. By checking everything before the drywall goes on, inspectors can find any mistakes early on, which helps keep everything on track and built properly.

Risks of Neglecting New Construction Inspections

Skipping new construction inspections can lead to some big problems later. Here’s what might happen if these important checks aren’t done:

Potential Long-Term Issues: Imagine building a treehouse without checking if the wood is strong or if the nails are in the right. Over time, the treehouse might lean or even fall apart. It’s similar with a new house. If inspections are skipped, there could be hidden weaknesses in the structure, like weak walls or a shaky foundation. Later, this can lead to big, expensive repairs. For instance, if the plumbing isn’t checked and leaks, it might cause a lot of damage that costs a lot to fix.

Safety Concerns: Safety is the most important thing in your home. If the construction isn’t checked, something might go wrong that could be dangerous. For example, electrical wiring done wrong can be a fire risk. Weak stairs or balconies are also dangerous because they could break.

Why choose Inspection Works?

InspectionWorks brings a wealth of expertise and a keen eye to new home construction inspections. Our team is trained to identify any issues during the building process, ensuring everything is done correctly.

Choosing to work with InspectionWorks can provide homeowners with reassurance. It’s like having an expert on your side, watching over the construction to prevent future problems. This careful oversight can help avoid costly repairs down the line. By ensuring your new home meets all the necessary standards from the start, you can save money and sidestep potential headaches.


Thorough inspections are crucial during the construction of a new home. They ensure that every aspect of the building process meets high standards, offering homeowners peace of mind and ensuring the safety and integrity of the new structure.

It’s important to consider professional inspection services like InspectionWorks for your new construction needs. Schedule a meeting with us to ensure that your home will be built correctly, safeguarding your investment and your family’s future.

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